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COVID-19 Coronovirus - How we are working to make events safer

Whenever we run events, the safety of our guests is always of highest importance.  It is even more important now in the current environment and with the threat of COVID-19 all around us.

Nobody is certain how or when the Government will ease restrictions on gatherings and activities in public places.  In the meantime, we are working hard to develop ways in which small scale events can still be run safely when the time is right, whilst maintaining social distancing and minimising the risk to the public, contributors, suppliers and staff. 

As of 1st June, the majority of our events will be able to be operated safely and we have developed a number of initiatives to ensure that current government advice in respect of public gatherings and social distancing measures are followed.   At present it is not possible to make all of our event offerings as safe as we need, but for the ones we can operate safely we have introduced a number of measures to protect everyone involved.

Every event is different and will be risk assessed accordingly, but broadly speaking these are the measure we are taking to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus at our events.

Reducing or controlling visitor numbers


Guest numbers will need to be restricted.  The number of guests entering a unit or viewing an activity will need to be monitored and controlled.  


Guests may be required to book online for certain time slots and on arrival may be required to queue for activities whilst maintaining social distancing.


We would use barriers or tape to mark out the queuing distances. 

Non-contact activities


Make-and-take events would be severely controlled. Guests would be encouraged to work in their own family groups and physical contact from our staff will be avoided.  


Activities would be conducted in small groups with numbers limited and the spaces used for activities would be increased to promote social distancing.

Contactless Check-in / Data Capture


We have developed a system where visitors can check in to events using their mobile phone.  


Guests are encouraged to complete basic details (name, ages of children and postcode data) on their phone and then ‘tap in’ on arrival to one of our event terminals.

Hygiene and cleanliness


All event spaces will be provided with a limitless supply of anti-bacterial gel and hand wipes for guests to use.


Guests would be encouraged to wash or disinfect their hands on arrival and when leaving.  Floor mats would be provided to help prevent the spread of the virus on shoes and regularly disinfected.  All food based activities have been suspended at this time.

All equipment that could be used by more than one person will be disinfected after each use.  Disposable materials and equipment will be used wherever possible.

Additional bins are to be provided at each event and all waste is to be disposed of safely and accordingly.



For events where guests are seated (demonstrations, presentations etc) the capacity of the audience will need to be reduced and seating will be restricted to ensure social distancing is maintained.  


Guests from the same family who have arrived together will be able to sit together. 


All seating will be cleaned once members of the public have left. 


Where possible we will request that attendees bring their own seating. 

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