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live event screening


  • Large Format LED screen to show TV coverage of major events

  • Themed seating environment / artificial grass / seating etc.

  • Full PA / technical support

  • TV licensing and management

  • On-screen advertising for retailers

  • Ideal for major sporting events – Wimbledon / World Cup

  • Flexible event days - single day, consecutive weekends or short runs (i.e. 1 week).

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  • Retained footfall, keeping customers on site for longer

  • Customers in overlooking restaurants can watch while they eat

  • Community focused event


  • Additional related activities – Tennis simulator / Football shootout etc.

  • Educational / Environmental activities to promote learning

  • Character actors to interact with & welcome guests

  • Branded photo backdrops / peep through boards

  • Food samples from retailers


  • Popcorn / Ice cream / refreshment sales

  • Paid for bar selling alcoholic / non-alcoholic beverages

  • Provision of event related food and drink (Pimms, Strawberries and Cream etc.)

  • Photo booth with paid for/free printing on site.

  • Photo booth branding for centre or retailers.

  • Paid for on screen advertising from retailers.

  • Branded screen surround.


Full branding opportunities available


Free gifts and activities for all children to take away

Branded gifts and vouchers from stakeholders


Available all year round or tied in with seasonal activities. 

Can be indoor or outdoor. 

Full breakdown of visitor numbers and engagements 


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