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Full RSL Main Studio

A complete studio package which can be integrated with your own playout system or used as a traditional stand-alone studio. Ideal for RSL radio stations. Complete with mics, headphones and red light system. Large professional mixing desk with ample room for extra channels

Full RSL Main Studio

  • Hire Rates

    1 Day
    1 Week
    2 Weeks
    1 Month
  • Description

    Radiquip's main studio package is ideal for use in a small scale or temporary radio station environment. The studio is designed for use as the main on-air studio and can easily be integrated with your own playout system or used as a traditional stand-alone studio.


    The studio package includes everything you need to have your radio studio operational within an hour. Microphones, headphones, a red light system, a radio clock, cabling and mains distribution are all included along with the standard set of studio equipment such as professional CD Players, minidisk recorders, mixing desk and a telephone balance unit.

    The studio system is entirely flexible and can be configured to suit your needs using the incorporated patchbay. The broadcast mixing desk has ample capacity for extra inputs which can be used to integrate other equipment and studios.


    The studio can be directly integrated with our Enco DAD systems or your own playout computer. Please follow this link for pricing information on Enco DAD systems.


    The unique 'Playout System to Air' feature of our studios allows you to route one output of your playout system directly to your transmitter, allowing the rest of the studio to be used in an 'off-air' environment. This way studios can be fully utilized during pre-recorded or overnight programming sequences.


    The full studio package includes all auxiliary items you would expect to find in a professional radio studio from red light systems to headphones and radio clocks.

  • What's Included?

    Soundtech Series A 12 Channel broadcast Mixer

    2 x Professional CD players with fast start and cue facility

    2 x Sony Mini Disk Recorder / Players

    Telephone Balance Unit / Telephone Handset

    Red 'on-air' light system

    1 x Audio Technicna Presenters Microphones

    2 x Beyer Opus 83 Guest Microphones

    Headphones for Presenter (DT100's) & Guests (DT100's / Sennheiser)

    2 x Anglepoise Mic Stands / 1 x Desk Mic Stand

    Edirol Active Monitor Speakers

    Playout System to air control unit

    Radio Clock

    Off-air tuner

    48 Way Patch Bay & patch leads

    All cabling / mains distribution

  • Delivery and Collection

    Band E

  • Misc

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    Please ask for details.


    All prices exclude VAT and delivery. 

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