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RDS Encoder

Simple to use RDS Encoder capable of displaying your station's name and other information on RDS enabled radio receivers. Designed to link directly to most popular RSL transmitter kits including our complete range of RSL transmitter packages.

RDS Encoder

  • Hire Rates

    1 Week   £38.94
    2 Weeks £55.63
    1 Month £89.00
  • Description

    This RDS Encoder is designed as a no-fuss, easy to use encoder particularly suitable for use by RSL broadcasters.


    The unit is capable of generating data information for use by suitably equipped radio receivers.


    This unit can display the following information.


    PS: Program Service Name. The eight characters you see on the tuner displaying the station's name or callsign.

    PI: Program Identification. Four character hexadecimal code usually issued by Ofcom to identify the station.

    PTY: Program Type. Identifies the station format or style. One of 32 fixed formats are allowed such as Sport, Pop Music, Culture and News.

    M/S: Music / Speech flag. Indicates if the station is primarily music or speech based.

    DI: Decoder Information. Indicates stereo or mono transmission.


    The unit can be easily programmed via the liquid crystal display on the front panel. Just four buttons are used to program the unit so no computer is needed.


    If required, we can preprogram the unit before dispatch with your station's details, this way the unit can be quickly installed and be on air in a matter of minutes.


    Connection to / from the unit is provided by two standard BNC connectors on the rear of the unit. In typical applications, the unit is placed between the stereo encoder section of the transmitter and the main input to the transmitter's main PA section. Most transmitter kits, (including our complete range) provide suitable outputs for this very purpose.


    2 short BNC to BNC Coax leads are provided with the RDS Encoder.

  • What's Included?

    Rackmount RDS1 Encoder Unit
    2 short BNC to BNC Coax Leads
    Main IEC lead
    Full instructions & installation guide

  • Delivery and Collection

    Band D

  • Misc

    The prices shown on our website are guide prices only. When equipment is hired in conjunction with other items, discounts will usually apply.
    Please ask for details.


    All prices exclude VAT and delivery. 

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