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RSL Production / News Studio

Ideal as a production studio for RSL broadcasters, but equally capable of being used as a live news studio. The studio is built around the highly popular Adobe Audition editing software and includes everything you will need to compliment any main studio package.

RSL Production / News Studio

  • Hire Rates

    1 Week   £260.31
    2 Weeks £371.88
    1 Month £595.00
  • Description

    For busy RSL's it simply isn't practical to use your main studio for producing jingles, features pre-recorded interviews and news bulletins. It is often more effective to to install a simple second studio in another room which can be used without disturbing your on-air staff or having to rely on automation during busy shows.


    Production studios do not need to be particularly complex however if you are thinking about providing news from this studio as well, you will need to think about some extra features like monitor muting, red light control and microphones.


    That's where the Radiquip Production / News studio is ideal. It provides all the standard items you would expect to find in a modern production studio, such a a digital editing system, CD players and minidiscs but also includes the extra features you need to make it an effective and professional news studio.


    The studio is built around the highly popular Adobe Audition editing suite - ideal for making great sounding jingles, excellent for editing and most importantly really easy to use. The studio also includes a red light system, monitor muting controls and presenter & guest microphones for news and interviewing applications.


    The production / news studio can be easily link to our main studio and has the capacity to accept additional feeds such as your news service, or off-air feed.

  • What's Included?

    Soundcraft E 12 Channel broadcast Mixer

    Professional CD player

    Sony Mini Disk Recorder / Player

    Red 'on-air' light system

    1 x Presenters Microphones

    1 x Guest Microphones

    1 x Telephone Balance Unit & handset

    Headphones for Presenter & Guest

    2 x Anglepoise Mic Stands

    Monitor Speakers

    Radio Clock

    Adobe Audition editing workstation c/w CDR,

    TFT monitor, mouse & keyboard

    All cabling / mains distribution

    Audio breakout panel for connecting additional equipment / feeds

  • Delivery and Collection

    Band E

  • Misc

    The prices shown on our website are guide prices only. When equipment is hired in conjunction with other items, discounts will usually apply.
    Please ask for details.


    All prices exclude VAT and delivery. 

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